Justinas Zozo is a contemporary stencil artist combining stencil art technique with the ability to produce photorealism. The artist is mostly inspired by nature. Stories behind his work are expressed through their proportions, movement and gracefulness. Each piece of art is handmade and no machinery is involved throughout the whole process. Depending on complexity of the stencils, it can take up to 500 hours to complete, working around 16 hours a day. Every piece is individual and no two are alike. Each painting is made using separate hand cut stencils that are sprayed over one after another. Each canvas can include up to 30 different layers, equivalent to 100.000 separate details. In stencil art, work is mostly based on photography and if the blade thoroughly follows every line that was printed before, your work is no better than everyone else's. That is why Justinas has developed his own unique technique – improvising the whole stencil cutting and spraying process. In 2017 Justinas became the first Lithuanian finalist in the largest stencil event in the world - Stencil Art Prize. 


Highly commended artist @ Stencil Art Prize 2017


2018, Solo exhibition, Paveikslai.lt gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
2018, Sluoksniai, Gallery 555, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017, Solo Show, Hair Cocktail Bar, Vilnius, Lithuania


2018, Stencil Art Prize 2017, Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia
2018, Stencil Art Prize 2017, Muswellbrook Regional Art Center, Muswellbrook, Australia
2017, Stencil Art Prize 2017, Stirrup Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia