Commission pieces could be customized to comply with your needs. Colors, size and other special details are negotiable and can be realized.

If you are interested in ordering one of a kind piece, please see the details bellow:

Samanta before.jpg


A high quality photograph has to be presented. Whether it’s a person, an animal or an object - blurry, contrasting background helps to improve work flow. Basically, any picture could be turned into artwork, only quality of the picture determines quality of the final piece.

Samanta middle.jpg


Be patient, good things take time... It will take about 2 weeks for the stencils to be cut out and sprayed.

Samanta after.jpg


As everything is sprayed by hand with artistic touch, it could look a little bit different compared to the original photograph. Please note that it is not meant to be the copy of your photo but rather an artistic representation of your personality.